Logo – DREAM for Kids

Logo – DREAM for Kids

DREAM for Kids contacted us about designing a logo for them that they can use on their website. DREAM for Kids is a non-profit grass roots group that believes all children should grow up in a family and community that cares for, supports, and protects them as they grow to become healthy and productive adults. One of their goals is to help parents face the many stages and challenges of raising children. They were in need of a logo that has the capability to evolve with their project called Pieces of Parenting, also known as POP.

Because POP will have many different programs within it they really wanted to use puzzle pieces. Each puzzle piece represents a different program within POP. All pieces will start out gray and as a new program is added the puzzle piece will turn a specific color that will represent that specific program. We suggested the incorporation of each puzzle piece on all marketing materials associated with each group (flyers, brochures, advertisements, etc.) so that everything is consistent and very recognizable for parents and kids. There are also different categories where the puzzle pieces will fit. These categories are noted by the use of a black puzzle piece with white type indicating appropriate age groups (ages 0-3) and/or family dynamics (blended family).

The circle connects all of these programs into one cohesive unit—just as it is for family and community.  Each family will have a different circle of puzzle pieces to meet their parenting needs; the pieces will change throughout their various stages of parenting.

1st Fish Designs, LLC, provided all consultation and talent that went into the design of the Pieces Of Parenting logo for DREAM for Kids free of charge.

Please visit the DREAM for Kids program called POP to learn more about how their community is making growing up easier!