Logo – Bloomgren Hanson Legal

Logo – Bloomgren Hanson Legal

We met Amanda Bloomgren and Katie Hanson of Bloomgren Hanson Legal in May of this year while attending a Business Women's Network monthly meeting. Something quite puzzling for Amanda and Katie was that their logo looked different and printed different from all computers in their office. Their logo turned out to be type that was still editable — meaning at anytime, accidentally or on purpose, the type and colors could be changed. This posed a problem for consistency reasons among others. The first thing we did was make sure that their logo was an image that could no longer be altered.

A MUST for every business is to have your logo print clearly in color as well as black and white.

Making the Bloomgren Hanson Legal logo (or any logo) black and white was not just a matter of making the colored logo “grayscale” or “desaturating” it because ‘LEGAL’ would be so light it wouldn’t be legible on paper not to mention on a computer screen. We made sure that they had the exact amount of black to represent the PMS colors when their logo is printed in black and white.

They were very happy when they no longer had to juggle files to be sure that they were printed on the “good printer”. They now have 3 logos: PMS, 4-color process, and black and white; plus letterhead and envelope templates for all three printing options as well.

Amanda and Katie are two extremely gifted lawyers that are very passionate about families and small businesses. We can attest to their great work when it comes to business - they're top notch in our book! Please check out their website bloomgrenhanson.com.