Bi-fold Brochure, Note Card & Business Card — Organized Homes & Staging by Kristin, LLC

Bi-fold Brochure, Note Card & Business Card — Organized Homes & Staging by Kristin, LLC

Kristin came to us in need of having multiple pieces designed for her business. She knew immediately what she didn't want which is always a perfect place to start — no clutter and she wanted things simple. No problem! Previously she'd had a door hanger professionally printed and we wanted to mirror the look to be sure that her business is well recognized and remembered. Kristin supplied quite a few photos showing before and after shots of her work as well as the copy and logo. It's always a matter of trying to fit everything onto a piece and with one set of photos removed and a shift in the copy from one panel to another we had the bi-fold brochure finished.

She checked with her chosen printer about the size for the brochure and note card. We highly recommend having this discussion with your printer before your visit with a designer because every printer has their own "standard" sizes. Some sizes are more cost effective for you than others and this will help you make the right choice.

The business card is using the same logo off center along with her information left justified. Because her printer included printing on the back of the business card, we suggested that she take full advantage of it. Kristin mentioned that she wasn't sure about that because she always writes notes on the back of her cards. We simply used the full color version of her logo and screened it back so it was light enough to write over the top. Business cards nowadays seem unfinished if they're blank on the back. There are so many uses for the back the ideas are unlimited!

Her note card mirrored the look with all her business contact information on the back. It's always in your favor to mark everything with your information. You never know who will see it, pick it up wanting to learn more about you and your business and it would be a shame to not give them what they're looking for. Take advantage of every opportunity to present your brand and information.

Kristin is such an artist and can really see the possibilities and potential in every home she enters! Take a look at her refreshing work on her website — you will not regret it.