Banner – Colon Cancer Coalition

Banner – Colon Cancer Coalition

We met Amy Johnson of Maratona Communication in November of last year. She was requesting sponsors for the 2012 Colon Cancer Coalition Booty Ball which would be held January 26th. Amy's vision was a banner that included all sponsor logos. Not only did we become a sponsor, we eagerly volunteered to design the banner. It was an honor to be a part of something so important to all communities—the health of its people.

The logos started to come in very quickly in the beginning and slowed down to a trickle as Christmas and the New Year approached. Many of us belong to the same business group and were sharing the information about the Booty Ball on facebook, websites, etc., in hopes of attracting more sponsors. A total of 41 logos were added to the banner by the time the Booty Ball rolled around—literally, it was an 80s theme!

Mallissa is already planning her outfit for 2013 in hopes the 80s theme is back. She’d love to dress like this everyday of the week if we let her!

1st Fish Designs, LLC, provided all consultation and talent that went into the banner free of charge.

Thank you to Nancy, of Winick Photography, for taking such awesome photos of the event. Please take the time to view her work as it's positively remarkable!

4 Things Business Owners Need to Know

Four things came to our attention while working on this project that we’d like to share with all business owners in hopes of helping you know what you should have in your possession as soon as possible when starting your business and what should be avoided.

  1. You need to have a logo.
  2. Your logo should be created as vector art and not as raster art as long as there is NOT a photo in your logo. Vector art will retain it’s resolution no matter how it’s proportionately sized and raster art will distort.
  3. Vector art should have all type created as outlines. This means that there will not be font issues for anyone that will use your logo for any reason because the fonts will be made into art and the file will no longer carry any font information in it.
  4. Low resolution (anything pulled of the internet) will not print crisp and clean as it’s shown on your screen. High resolution is a must for all printing purposes. Unfortunately, there is no way around this rule. See visual reference here.

We really hope this information helps you and your business. If you have further questions, please feel free to contact us, we're here to help you be a success. Remember your logo is THE signature of your business. It's really the "other" first impression of your business—make it a good one!