Unique Marketing Pieces — Tiffany Bolk Photography

Unique Marketing Pieces — Tiffany Bolk Photography

Tiffany is a phenomenal wedding photographer with an artistic eye known to take your breath away! She already has the mad photography skills and only needed a little help with her marketing pieces.

Tiffany was more than ready to get started. At the ready was all the verbiage/copy she needed to put in her pieces, the dieline templates from the vendor/printer she wanted to use and of course the jaw-dropping photos as well which made terrific backgrounds for her information. The only thing missing was her vector logo which she was able to obtain.

She knew exactly which photo went where and what verbiage went with it. The trick was to select the perfect colors so as not to take the viewer’s emotion away from the photos. Picking the precise fonts to convey the information and not clutter or disrupt her striking work was also a top priority. The cropping of each photo was meticulously chosen to feature her brilliant skills as an artist.

Working within the size limits of each photo was quite precarious. For example, take a look at the photo of the beautifully embellished shoes on the grass green velvet backdrop. One would automatically think that by reducing the size of the photo the worry of accidentally cropping the tip of the left shoe would be solved. Not so fast. The size of the photo isn’t large enough to accommodate such a reduction as it needs to sit beyond the dieline in order to be cut correctly by the vendor/printer. The screening and blending of certain photos where ever so slightly adjusted to make the verbiage/copy legible to the reader.

Lastly, we notice that there was only one panel that held Tiffany’s logo, website and phone number. People needed to know who was behind these captivating photos on every panel they see. Again, without taking anything away from the photos, we used the ‘T’ and ‘B’ in her logo and kissed each panel with her signature. Perfect! We can hardly wait to see the printed results!

We strongly encourage you to splurge by diving into Tiffany's website. Get lost in her ability to capture such precious moments that every Bride & Groom will hold dear for eternity.