Logo — Sykora Plumbing

Logo — Sykora Plumbing

Sykora Plumbing came to us in need of a logo. They had been using a serif typeface (commonly used in newspapers and books to give you a visual) with the addition of clip art showing a little guy that looked to be in a mad dash to his next appointment. While it served its purpose for many years, Sykora's really cared for a fresh look to show their expansion into the remodeling business too.

Mallissa sat down with them to see what they were envisioning. After designing designing exactly what they wanted she decided to have a little fun without going too crazy. After all, the point of a logo is to know what a business is/does as well as branding (we'll save branding for another post). Kind of hard to mistake this one. It's actually a combination of two logos she designed. Sykora's asked if it was possible to incorporate elements of one logo with another. Absolutely!

While the color blue and water are quite obvious for the plumbing business, Mallissa wanted to show movement with the use of the type. It would be too evident if she created the drop to look like it was falling into a puddle below. Instead she extended the 'p' and 'g' to indicate flow and movement. The extension would also give a nice hug to their expanded area of expertize when they're ready for it to be launched.

Mrs. Sykora said, "It is exactly what I wanted!" We couldn't be happier for them and we're looking forward to seeing their business increase in size with their launch.

We wish you the very best in your new adventure!