Brochure Card — Wellness For You

Brochure Card — Wellness For You

We are very fortunate to have met Cheryl at one of our BGN networking meetings a few months back. Not only is she passionate about food and nutrition, she's a beaming, cheerful woman that enjoys people and great conversations. She had mentioned that in the near future she'll be contacting us to design a brochure for her business Wellness For You. Someone had asked her for a brochure the following week, Cheryl called us laughing to explain the situation she encountered and her needs.

Mallissa met with Cheryl to find out what information was most valuable to her about her business. Gathering information directly from our clients and not from their websites or current marketing material is extremely vital because they know their business and anyone else could only try to assume what is most valuable. Mallissa was sure to ask Cheryl about her color preferences. Some people are fearful of color only because they're unsure how to use it or unable to visualize how it would look. Not the case for Cheryl - she LOVES COLOR! Photos are very important when working in the food industry because you eat with your eyes first. If it doesn't look good, people think it will taste exactly the same. Photos sent to us were beautiful however they were very small in size and also low resolution (72 dpi) which wouldn't print well (300 dpi for print) at all but would be perfect for the website she's been working on. Rates are also another important element everyone wants to know. Testimonials are crucial—let people shout your praises about how magnificent your product or service is!

Cheryl's brochure card is 5 x 10 inches which means 2 cards will fit on 11 x 17 inch size paper. Her card was designed with this in mind because it will save her money when she has them printed as apposed to only printing one per piece of paper. Who doesn't like to save money?!

Green and brown is used on her current business card so we mirrored them in this design.  Colors along the right side on the front represent the color of food and draw your attention to key points. Recipe on the back - tempt your viewers a little bit and they will be left wanting more! Testimonial on the front and back to be sure people know she's sensational.

Cheryl has traveled to many different countries and has learned to cook from the locals wherever she's ventured. Her mother instilled the value of good nutrition in Cheryl and now she's is spreading the word from one family to another. Contact Cheryl at or 612-618-1958 to learn more.