Logo — WeMentor, inc.

Logo — WeMentor, inc.

We met Nancy Meyer at a networking event last year. When business cards were exchanged she quickly apologized for having crossed out the printed phone number and its hand-written replacement. She said she had so many of them left she couldn't bring herself to toss them in the trash and buy replacements.

Since the event Mallissa has come to know Nancy quite well and in doing so has learned the company that designed her logo no longer exists and the files she has containing her logo are partially useful only if viewed on a screen at actual size—not printed because they are extremely low resolution. We set out to solve a few collateral problems for Nancy—starting with her logo.

Nancy's logo was different on more than a few of her marketing pieces. Sometimes the logo had a blurred effect around the green square element and sometimes it didn't. We asked her which she preferred. We asked her if she was aware of the PMS colors or fonts that were used in her logo. Sometimes designers pass this information along to clients if they ask for it. At this point all we had was a very low quality PNG file to view during our recreation process. It was very blurry and hard to see details in the fonts that were used as well as the 'w/m' element.

We started the process by finding a font family that was as close as possible to what we saw in the PNG file. From there we typed the name of her company and tweaked each letter to match. Spacing between each letter was interesting and we matched this as well. Next was the 'w/m' which looked to be hand drawn and scanned by the previous designer. We used Illustrator to recreate Nancy's logo as a vector piece of art so we drew this element using the pen tool. Next we drew the square and captured the proper blur effect. Lastly, we picked colors from our Pantone Formula Guide: PMS 2597 (purple), PMS 348 (green). When we design or recreate logos our clients receive 3 logo files: 1 logo is processed color (a.k.a. CMYK), 1 logo is PMS colors, and 1 logo is black and white. All files are designed as vector art unless photos are involved which we do not recommend. The reason we design logos as vector art is because they can be enlarged without the loss of detail, smooth edges or fine lines—unlike JPG, PNG and other online/web friendly files.

Nancy is also having us design a new business card, letterhead, envelope, and mailing label for WeMentor, inc. We'll post them in the near future!

Nancy is an amazing woman and business mentor. If you're interested in starting your own business or if you already own a business and you have the desire and committed to growing yourself as a leader, as well as your venture and those within it, Nancy can help you set and reach your goals. Give her a call today 612-804-8920 or visit her website wementor.com.