Print is Powerful


Do you tend to focus all efforts on marketing online? Perhaps you believe that print, as a marketing effort, as run its course. You might want to think again. People LOVE to be part of your marketing experience. Being able to open, unfold or tear off and mail back brings people closer to you and your business.

Blog_PrintIsPower_4.30.13Most would prefer to receive a card in the mail versus an email for our birthday, right? Well, that’s marketing too. Bet you never thought of it that way, huh? Funny how greeting cards are a form of marketing. Think about it. If you were standing in front of a whole line of greeting cards, what would make you want to pick one up? A certain color? What about the way the type/font looked? What would it take to get you to open it to read the inside? We guarantee you that if you didn’t find the outside eye-catching you certainly aren’t going to open it to see what’s written inside.

Marketing (specifically printed marketing) is truly everywhere.

Are you thinking about a printed marketing campaign? You should. Read this if you’re not quite convinced.